Time For Muscles

In foal for 2022 from Nunico

Muscle Hill Muscles Yankee
Yankee Blondie
Dancing in Time Conway Hall

Glide be Nimble

In foal for 2022 from Maharaja

Yankee Glide Valley Victory
Gratis Yankee
Nimble Nan Supergill
Nan Hanover

Glide be Nimble is already mother of Schubert €85.290, Pascal SAS €47.134 and Good Girl As €16.943. Half sister to Navy Seal DKK 1.601.218.

Glide be Nimble has the Same damline as the famous Moni Maker 1.09,7 - $5.589.256 and of Nan`s Catch ($766.074). Nan`s Catch was 3 Year old Trotter of the Year, World Champion, Hall of Fame.

Slightly Tipsy

In foal for 2022 from Love You

Conway Hall Garland Lobell
Amour Angus
Applecider Hanover S J's Photo
Ambro Lamark

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