Crazy Wild Desire

In foal from Muscle Hill

Deweycheatumnowe Muscles Yankee
Trolley Square
Elusive Desire Angus Hall
Valley Amber

Crazy Wild Desire is a daughter of Elusive Desire, Recorf 1.09,7 and a Millionäre Winner of $1.275.827. Elusive Desire was Horse oft he Year 2008 and 2009.

Sunshine Lane

In foal from Muscle Hill

Cantab Hall Self Possessed
Canland Hall
Sunset Lane Diamond Way
Superior's Spell

Sunshine Lane herself has won the Derby Vorlauf and was third in Bayern Pokal Trial.

Her mother Sunset Lane (1.14.0 - €517.018) is German Derby winner, Champion 2 year old, Gold Cup winner and secured the European record in the Gold Cup. Sunset Lane was a legend.


Inseminated in 2019 by Bold Eagle

Credit Winner American Winner
Lawn Tennis
Blur Muscles Yankee
Blue Ridge Girl

Streak is winner New York Sires. She is mother to Follow Streak (2015), Record at 2 years 1.12,4 , winning over $59.000 and was qualified for the Jim Dohrety Memorial 2017.

Streaks mother Blur had a Rekord of 1.11,5 and won over 1 Million Dollar ( winning $1.022.268). She was 3 Year old Filly of the year in North America. Blur won the Breeders Crown, was 2nd in the Hambletonian, Merrie Annabelle.

Linda di Casei

In foal from Muscle Hill

Uronometro Lemon Dra
Queen of the Sea
Comtesse Ferm Diamond Way
Susy d'Hilly

Linda di Casei has a record of 1.10,3 and a winning sum of €841.937. She is Winner of Citta di Cesena 2009, Repubblica 2011, Palio die Comuni 2011, Royal Mares 2012, Padovanellen 2014, Heat Campionato Europeo, 2nd Championato Europe, 3rd Prix de France 2015.

Celebrity Lady

In foal from Donato Hanover

Conway Hall Garland Lobell
Amour Angus
Lady Orbitex Balanced Image
Brisco Maud

Celebrity Lady (1.12,7) winner of $63.521. She was 2nd in Kentuckiana Stallion, New York Sires, 3rd Bluegrass, Acorn and Merrie Annabelle Trostl. Celebrity Lady is Mother of Fit for a Princess (1.11,1 - $76.575) and Clifton Beach (1.12.3 - $67.454)

The motherline of Celebrity Lady is the same as Your Highness (1.09.7 – SeK 9.066.927)

Scully FBI

In foal from Muscle Hill

S J's Photo Photo Maker
Sassy Jane
Sissy De Joie De Vie
Sissy Crown

Scully Fbi has a record of 1.10.8 and a winning of $522.369. She is winner of Pennsylvania Sires S., The Meadows, Reynolds Mem., 2nd at Colonial Lady T., Hudson Filly T., Keystone Classic

Scully Fbi is mother to Federal Flex (1.10.6 - $735.534) and Elmo Rockbottom (1.11.3 - $111.157). Federal Flex was 2 year old trotter of the year 2008.

Scully SAS

In foal from Father Patrick

Muscle Hill Muscles Yankee
Yankee Blondie
Scully Fbi S J's Photo
Sissy De

Scully Sas has a record of 1.12.5 and has won $59.300. She is winner of Late Closer, 2nd Kindergarten Classics Ser.

Glide be Nimble

In foal from ---

Yankee Glide Valley Victory
Gratis Yankee
Nimble Nan Supergill
Nan Hanover

Glide be Nimble is already mother of Schubert €85.290, Pascal SAS €47.134 and Good Girl As €16.943. Half sister to Navy Seal DKK 1.601.218.

Glide be Nimble has the Same damline as the famous Moni Maker 1.09,7 - $5.589.256 and of Nan`s Catch ($766.074). Nan`s Catch was 3 Year old Trotter of the Year, World Champion, Hall of Fame.

Zara Don

In foal from Bold Eagle

Donato Hanover Andover Hall
D Train
Zarae Boko Muscles Yankee
Rae Boko

Zara Don has a record of 1.14,5 with winning SeK 117.855. She stopped racing as she got injured.

Zara Dons Grandmother is Rae Boko (1.11,4) with a winning of SeK 5.086.907. Rae Boko was 3 Year old Mare of the Year in Sweden.

Grammy Award

In foal from Trixton

Angus Hall Garland Lobell
Amour Angus
Gramola Supergill

Grammy Award (1.12.9) is mother of Viva las Lindy (1.11.4) winning $167.222. Viva las Lindy is mother of Evelyn (1:09) winning $198.116.

Credit To Thelimit

In foal from Father Patrick

Credit Winner American Winner
Lawn Tennis
Prize Angie Angus Hall
Prize Chip

Credit To Thelimit has a winning of $113.628. She comes out of the direct damline of Continentalvictory, Record 1.09.7 , winning over 1 million ($1.611.170).

Continentalvictory was 2 Year Old Horse of the Year, Horse oft he Year, Trotter of the Year, 3 Year old Horse of the Year, World Champion.


Inseminated in 2019 by Credit Winner

V.Ganymede V.Buvetier d'Aunou
M.Irma d'Artagnan V.Argos Vro
M.Vicky Derro

Qava has a winning of 161.140 €.

The mother of Qava is also mother of Prava (€95.760), Salva (€70.870) and Virvo (€74.980). Qavas damline includes also Hamster Dore (€616.484)

Ushuaia As

In foal from Southwind Frank

Andover Hall Garland Lobell
Amour Angus
Ima Quick Donerail
So Help Me

Ushuaia As descended from a very successful US bloodline. She is a sister to Quick Credit (1:11 record - winning $530.193) and Lawyer AS (winning $244.029).

Quick Credit is mother to Wheeling N‘ Dealin (1:10 record - winning $913.975), Sugar Wheeler (1:10 record - winning $356.163), Wheels (1:10 record - winning $157.414).

Neith's Song

In foal from Maharaja

Windsong's Legacy Conway Hall
Yankee Windsong
Neith Speedy Crown
Chili Bowl


In foal from Centurion AM

Muscle Yankee Valley Victory
Maiden Yankee
lue Ridge Girl Supergill
Quaint Custom

Blur is a million winner with a winning amount of $1,022,268. Blur was 3 years old mare of the year North America. She won among others the Breeders Crown and was second in Hambletonain and Merrie Annabelle. Blur is also the dam of BLUTO 2,1:57f; 3,1:52.4f ($336,525) (Donato Hanover), MARTINO 2,1:59.3f; 3,1:58.4f; 4,1:54.3f. ($223,021) (Andover Hall) and BLUFF (M) 2.1:56.2; 3.1:54h ($172,182) (Donato Hanover). Bluff was also World Champion.

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