Yearlings 2019

The yearlings of our signed in for the following auctions in 2019:

Over the Hurrcane S 2018 Hengst v. Muscle Mass a.d. Over the Border v. Angus Hall
His Highness S 2018 Hengst v. Credit Winner a.d. Celebrity Lady v. Conway Hall
Quantum Leap S 2018 Hengst v. Traders a.d. Qava v. Ganymede
2018 Hengst v. Muscle Massive a.d. Glide be Nimble v. Yankee Glide
2018 Hengst v. Donato Hanover a.d. Scully Sas v. Muscle Hill
2018 Stute v. Muscle Yankee a.d. Scully FBI v. SJ’s Photo
Latina di Baia S 2018 Stute v. Trixton a.d. Linda di Casei v. Uronometro
Grande Dame S 2018 Stute v. Dream Vacation a.d. Grammy Award v. Angus Hall
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